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-**Work in progress** +[12:51] == franciliensRendsLArgent [webchat@EF99D60C.6A694E56.394F442.IP] has joined #​franciliens.net 
- +[12:51] abitbolg4458 [ocabot@cnx-117.at.franciliens.net] requested CTCP TIME from franciliensRendsLArgent:​ 
-//​Disclaimerwhat follows is true for LIME and LIME2 hardware.// +[12:51] <​franciliensRendsLArgent>​ bonjour 
- +[12:51] <​travis>​ Okay yhargla ! Et donc (désoléje suis un peu un jeune padawan..............) , si j'ai bien comprisle dd sata je le laisse en continue branché à la brique ? 
-Installing the system on a SATA drive is not straightforward,​ mainly for one reason ​the LIME(2) cannot boot from the SATA portTo make it work, you need to leave a minimal system on the SD card (the ''/​boot''​ folder) so the bootloader can find a kernel to boot, then the kernel will seek the rest of the system on the SATA drive+[12:51] <​franciliensRendsLArgent>​ yhargla: rends l'argent 
- +[12:51] <​franciliensRendsLArgent>​ travis: rends l'argent 
-Let's start with a working cubewith the system running from the SD card and a SATA drive pluggedYou are logged in as root on your cube. +[12:51] -abitbolg4458- You will be able to talk on #​franciliens.net in 240 seconds. / Vous pourrez parler sur #​franciliens.net dans 240 secondes
- +[12:​51] ​== mode/#​franciliens.net [+b *!webchat@EF99D60C.6A694E56.394F442.IP] by abitbolg4458 
-====== Partitionning and formatting ====== +[12:52] <​@yhargla>​ https://wiki.labriqueinter.net/doku.php?id=howto:​install_sata
- +
-First, you have to prepare the driveYou will need at least one partition for the system (the ''​root''​ or ''/''​ partition), and possibly others for folders containing user data, such as ''/​home''​ and ''/​var''​. Let's keep it simple for nowwith everything (except ​''​/​boot''​ of course) on the same partition. +
- +
-to create a partition ​on your disk, run ''​cfdisk /​dev/​sda''​The tool should be self explanatory - you should remove any existing partition, then create a //primary partition// with the number //1//When asking for the start and end of the partition, just use the default values and the partition will fill the whole disk. +
- +
-Now, you should have a file called ''​/dev/​sda1''​ +
- +
-To format your new partition, just run ''​mkfs.ext4 /​dev/​sda1''​ +
- +
-====== Changing the boot configuration ====== +
- +
-When booting, your cube needs to know where to find the root partitionTo do so, edit the file ''/​etc/​default/​flash-kernel''​ +
- +
-in this file, replace ''​root=/​dev/​mmcblk0p1''​ ("the root partition is on the SD card") with ''​root=/dev/​sda1''​ ("the root partition is on the drive"​)+
- +
-Now, run ''​flash-kernel''​. This will regenerate the ''​/boot/boot.scr''​ fileYou may open this file and check if the line ''​root=/dev/​sda1''​ is in there. +
- +
-====== Copying ====== +
- +
-====== Rebooting ====== +
- +
-====== Cleaning ====== +
- +
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