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-**Work in progress** 
 //​Disclaimer:​ what follows is true for LIME and LIME2 hardware.// //​Disclaimer:​ what follows is true for LIME and LIME2 hardware.//
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 <​code>​ <​code>​
 /​dev/​mmcblk0p1 /boot ext4       ​defaults ​       0       1 # /boot on the SD card /​dev/​mmcblk0p1 /boot ext4       ​defaults ​       0       1 # /boot on the SD card
-/dev/sda1 / ext4                defaults ​       0       1 # root filesystem ​on the SATA drive+/dev/sda1 / ext4                defaults ​       0       1 # root on SATA drive 
 +====== Stop services ====== 
 +You should stop this service before to proceed the copy, else there is a risk your mysql database to be corrupted. 
 +root@yunohost:/​media#​ service nginx stop 
 +root@yunohost:/​media#​ service mysql stop 
 +root@yunohost:/​media#​ service postfix stop 
 +root@yunohost:/​media#​ service rmilter stop 
 +root@yunohost:/​media#​ service dovecot stop
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 ====== Copying ====== ====== Copying ======
 +Now you have to copy everything from the SD card to the disk. ([[https://​wiki.archlinux.org/​index.php/​Full_system_backup_with_rsync#​With_a_single_command|source]])
 +mkdir -p /tmp/sata
 +mount /dev/sda1 /tmp/sata
 +rsync -aAXv --exclude={"/​dev/​*","/​proc/​*","/​sys/​*","/​tmp/​*","/​run/​*","/​mnt/​*","/​media/​*","/​lost+found"​} / /tmp/sata
 +Now, your SATA drive contains a complete copy of your system, but one important thing is missing: your kernel is in ''/​tmp/​sata/​boot'',​ but this folder should actually mount /​dev/​mmcblk0p1,​ which already contains the system you are currently running.
 +cd /tmp/sata
 +mv boot boot.old
 +mkdir boot
 +mount /​dev/​mmcblk0p1 boot
 +rsync -av boot.old/ boot/
 +Now, the ''/​boot''​ of the new system exists alongside the ''/''​ of the old system.
 ====== Rebooting ====== ====== Rebooting ======
-====== Cleaning ======+Now, cross your fingers and reboot your cube. Or the other way around if it's too hard to type. 
 +Can you log into your cube ? Congratulations ! It worked ! 
 +====== Cleaning ​up ====== 
 +Now, your old system is cluttering the ''/​boot''​ folder. To clean it up, you can remove everything in this folder, and reuse the ''/​boot.old''​ copy we did earlier. 
 +cd /boot 
 +rm -rf * # /!\ proceed carefully /!\ 
 +mv /boot.old/* . 
 +rmdir /boot.old 
 +Everything should be fine now !
 +An alternative approach: remove everything from ''/​boot'',​ then run ''​update-initramfs -u''​. This will regenerate everything necessary inside ''/​boot''​.
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