Prepare and upload a new image

This script takes in argument the image date (2016-05-21 for example), you must have access on LDN servers ( and, and you must have the private GPG key of LaBriqueInterNet (0xCD8F4D648AC0ECC1, available in the LDN password-store, :?: ask ju or sebian for more information).

Note: you need to have `btmakemetafile` installed. Please use the one provided in the package `bittornado` (in Debian or Ubuntu) and not the one in the `bittorrent` package

mkdir /media/pub/
sshfs /media/pub
cp /path/to/the/new/labriqueinternet_A20LIME*.img.tar.xz /media/pub/images/
cd /tmp/

Then, if you have all the requirements, you can run this script!

bash -i 2016-08-16

This script update the MD5SUMS file with the compressed image, generate the torrent and the asc signature, upload torrents files on the authorized files (on LDN Tracker), and finally update the symlinks.

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